2013 Toyota Camry


 Toyota Camry, World Car

Toyota Camry has for nearly 30 years been the brand thats led Toyota almost to world Automotive domination.

Way Back in the early 1980’s Toyota Camry was a limited imported medium sized fuel injected  vehicle with many options. This 4 door sedan proved a success for Toyota in Japan and markets outside including Australia and New Zealand.Toyota Camry 1985

In the beginning it was a 4 door Celica -Camry but became itself in 1982

In 1988 the SV21 model  with its 2 lt efi engine showed the world the future with the production of a smallish family vehicle capable of being versatile in all climates and conditions.

Tha Name Camry is phonetic transcription of the Japanese word kanmuri (冠, かんむり) meaning crown the name attached to the pride of the Toyota sedans in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

1991 The camry became wide bodied and developed back into a larger yet economical family car. For many markets this was a first replacing the monopoly held by 6 or 8 cylinder vehicle in the family to buy list. In contrast to this a V6 model was released with a Luke warm reception.

The XV20 from 1996 sharpened up the design and developed further features including many for safety. Toyota started to develop many mainstream features in this model like ABS brake and Power steer as standard  that in hind sight showed a swing towards features in motor vehicles from the buying public, standard was no longer a option with the Camry.

2001-2006 and again restyling and feature enhancements prevailed until the current series.

2007+. Toyota Camry too has revived its futuristic  development to become a real world hybrid family vehicle being  manufactured and sold through many countries in the world.


2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry Engine

2012 Toyota Camry

Transmission of the Toyota engine is a six-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission mechanism. Four-cylinder engine will support the speed of the car a distance of 33-34mpg on the highway. The price of the 2012 Toyota Camry has not been announced so far. But is expected to range from $ 20,300 – $ 29,900 (the price of the car can vary depending to the market in the southeastern and Gulf countries



2013- the evolution of the Camry continues. Poor sales will motivate Toyota to re invent the Camry as they will with other generic models including the Yaris.:

Future prediction of Toyota Camry:

Camry 2014 is restyled, The design brief will be of one of combination. Getting the 2014 Camry right the first time combining in the range for the first time the Hybrid and petrol on equal standings whilst encompassing the latest in technology and safety.
From 2015 the 2015 Toyota Camry will take on the roll as a world car offering options based on geographical date and buyer sentiment.

As for the Hybrid , Prius may be taking a back seat to the all new hybrid range of Camry.


2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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  • Gregory Hesson

    The latest Camry looks ugly! What was Toyota thinking? The current Sonata, Optima, Accord all leaves the newest Camry in the dust when it comes to body style alone. Unbelievable!!!

      • Ashton Margaleese

        I think you are full of bull! The 2012 Camry is a awesome car. It looks real fancy and I love the new styling

    • Mike

      lmao… Kia who? Hyundai what? P.O.S.’s… Camry best selling car in America, yes… Made in America, sure is (Kentucky)… Comes in a hybrid, yup… 5 Star safety rating, absolutley….. and to the guy below comparing a Toyota to Infiniti, you wouldnt compare an Audi to a Honda… drive an Infiniti and then go to your nearest Lexus Dealership, guarantee u wont even dream of setting foot in an infiniti store ever again…

  • Tomas

    Looking forward to change my 2003 Toyota Camry , but no change in style will make me
    look other modern nice looking styles.

  • H Loyd Williams Jr


  • larry

    What are the engineers (or powers at be) thinking. Yes, Camry is great on service and now decent on fuel econmy. However, why does it have to be the same boring styling as the last ten years. the interior has improved slightly but the exterior sooooooooooooooo terible compared to other manufacturers models. Hey Toyota! i have been a Camry owner for over twenty years but no more unless your designers get their head out of their dark place and follow the lead of Infiniti and other manufacturers who not only build comfortable, fuel efficient reliable cars, but are pleasent to look at. Mr Toyoda needs to fire his designers, they are basically photo copying their designs from previous designs anyway. a secretary could do that. Very dissapointed, I was so looking forward to buying a new 2012 or 2013 Camry, but not now.

  • Ken

    I’m looking to trade my 2008 Camry Hybrid for a new 2013, but if the 2013 Camry looks like the 2012 …… good by Camry. The Ford Fusion is looking pretty sharp for 2013 …… may go to Ford.

  • Hussein

    I love my 2012 Camry. I wish I had known how beautiful and reliable Toyotas are much earlier in my life. Great product Toyota.

  • John

    I agree the 2012 camry looks awful and they don’t make the dark blue color anymore. Who’s with the bright idea of discontinuing colors to add another gray?

  • D J Melwani

    the 2012/2013 camry is boring to look at, the hybrid model looks better, but bottom line both looks face lifted……toyota needs to employ creative car designers.

  • Linda Dulock

    My lease is up in Sept and for the first time-will not go with Camry again unless they come out with a good looking 2013. 2012 has to be the worst ever. Come on Toyota-don’t let me down

  • P. Dawson

    If the Autoblog shot seen here is the new 2013 Camry, we will once again look further to another manufacuter next year. Our purchase of a 2010 Honda Accord was prompted by the Toyota recall mess and that automobile has been a wonderful machine in every respect. This year we are going to replace her with an automobile styled with beautiful lines and filled with all the newest tech options plus great gas mileage. Anyone seen the new Altima? It seems to fill the bill on all fronts but we hope Toyota can bring forth something that will challenge the style of that beauty. Please, don’t give Nissan the slam-dunk for 2013!


    I have in my 55 + years of service owned or leased 10 Toyotas, 2 Nissans, 2 mazdas, 1 plymounth Van, 1 Saab and 2 Hondas due extensive travel requirenments. All cars brands have pluses and minuses relatively. In my view SAAB Turbo was wonderful to drive and a solid car. Sorry it expired or got out of production recently. Honda came second with solid drive, pick up and long life and Toyotas came close as third. The worst were Plymouth Van, Nissan and Mazda. I would never get any of these unless I get them half their MSRP to drive a few years and trade them for another CAR.

    As regards TOYOTA they need to improve their ride like a firm one with Honda, Get more PEP in the engines and add many standards instead of making these as standard in top XLE models only. Also the Toyota camry looks must improve. LASTLY TOYOTA must add a feature that exists in Europe getting heated windscreen to eliminate fogging up and becoming misty in Wintery cold months.

  • T Brown

    Have owned the last three generation Camrys and although they didn’t set the world on fire with styling, bought them for ride and reliability. My 10 got a failing grade with its cheap interior, but like the car’s other qualities, with gas mileage being fantastic at 32 average. Will not consider the new one as it looks pretty much the same as my 10, but with a squared front end that is just plain ugly. Like most others, can’t believe Camry will continue to lead the segment in sales with its current bland style and am considering an Altima or Fusion.
    A former loyal Camry owner!

    • Ashton Margaleese

      Someone will be crying all the way back to Toyota with thier tail between their legs…hum… wonder who that could be?

  • rono

    Those who claim to be loyal camry owners, Hah. I’ve owned a 1984, 1995, 2007 Camry. And as you can see, all three lasted 10+ years before I traded them in for a newer model.

    In 1984, critics said it was ugly and under powered. In 1995 critics said it was ugly and underpowered. In 2007, you guessed it, critics said it was ugly and underpowered. And now today, what are you all saying about the camry?

    If you were truly “loyal” you would accept the camry’s flaw. Its flaw (ugly/bland styling) has been the same for the past 30-40 years now. So why all of a sudden you say. “OH Im a loyal camry with ownership of 3 generations camrys but this 2013 version is ugly and Im not going to buy it. Boo-Hoo.” Since when did the camry ever been noted for its styling?

    Those who bought the camry wasn’t buying them for looks, instead for its gas mileage, long lasting quality, and were fairly inexpensive back in the day.

    Those of you who are complaining about looks, don’t know crap about the camry. “Loyal” my ass.

  • Peter

    Looks virtually unchanged from the current model and the interior is totally uninspiring; downright boring.

  • Clem M

    Had purchased two 1993 Camrys previously, one new and one used. Loved the reliability and smooth engine. About 200k for both. In 2005, purchased a new Altima for styling- engine not as smooth. Looked forward to buying back to a Camry this year. On the way to Toyota dealer , momentarily stopped at Hyundai to look at 2013 Sonata. Never made it to Toyota. The Sonata is beautiful to behold every morning in the driveway, but nervous as heck as to whether I made the right mechanical choice. With some buyer’s remorse, went back to Toyota for a test spin. Came back uninspired, both exterior and interiorwise. So perhaps, I made the right choice afterall.

    Toyota could have made a slamdunk with better styling. Come on, Toyota!

  • Danh Ng

    I am so disappointed that Toyota chose not to lead the pack when it come to new technologies. While other automobile manufactures like Kia, Mazda and Ford already got into Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI-with or w/o turbo) engines that are more fuel economy with a lot more torque, Toyota continues with old technologies boring engines on all of its branches. Be a leader Toyota! Go ahead with GDI as well as Diesel on at least several models in the USA as soon as possible.

  • Anna Kalpakoff

    I’ve never had a new car and decided to get a toyota camry. But the bodies are ugly I agree with others. I am now looking at the Honda accord which I hear the seats are very uncomfortable. Still looking, Maybe a nissan.

  • Toytech

    Toyota will not put out a Diesel in the USA, the last Diesel refineries in the US were build in the 70’s so putting out more Diesel engines will drive prices up due to demand ,if the us will build refineries then Toyota will bring desiel engines (Toyota owns Hino desiel)

  • Alan

    I saw the 2012 Camry XLE and was disappointed with the cheap interior. The leather seat is good but just cheap inside. I have been a Toyota customer going way back but it may change if the 2013 interior is cheap. All these years, it’s the little things like the seat, moon roof, window, knob, visor, hard to get to lights in the interior that fall apart. The 1993 XLE had better interior and radio. The 1996 V6 and the ride are very good. Open the engine cover and the cam is mirror like finish after 200,000 mile. Moving parts float on oils, a result of good design and clean oil shear strength. Toyota has not improved the spark plug or maintenance access after all these years. I like to see the water proof electrical connection same as the 1981 Celica I owned and going back to the Toyota Mark II 70’s days. The engine could be clean with water hose before maintenance. 1993 Camry lost the water proof connection. I purchased a new Takoma because of similar engine reliability. I like to seem better mileage and safety related electronic but not dangerous gadgets trying to turn the cars into an entertainment or business center! When will I see semi-wish bone for better handling and still have the smooth rides the Camry is known for? The reason is my other car is a Corvett.

  • ThBrown

    You guys talk a lot. When is the 2013 Camry coming out ? Does it take away the folding back seat like the 2012 ? Can you get it with an ashtray ? Can you control the driver’s window, or press and slams up or press and slams open ? I hate that. Yes, the windscreen needs heated to prevent fogging. Did you ever turn on the A/C set the temp to about 73 and slightly open the windows, assuming you can ever accomplish that ? What’s with all the 6 cylinder for Lexus and all leather, yuk to both. Dark Blue, how about a light blue maybe lighter than Clearwater Blue ?

  • Lori

    Hi all, I am not a “car freak” per say (that would by my husband) but I do have my priorities. The biggest one in when I put the key in the ignition and turn it the car starts. Enter Toyota. I will now be buying my third Toyota. I have been threw the Buick, Chevy, Lincoln, Saturn, Ford, VW, and even Saab stage, but when it comes to reliably there is nothing like a Toyota. Did you ever see a broken down Toyota on the side of the road? Me neither. Now I am not saying the car is perfect. It has bad plastic headlight covers that get dingy and can not be cleaned, and the car has door knob problems. Again a plastic issue. But everytime I put the key in the and turn it I hear WROOM, and that is all I want to hear.


    What was Toyota thinking making a reliable, quiet, safe, roomy, aero/ mpg champ that’s upscale and has the highest resale and can be had for $20K?
    Note: every car will look like this one soon-aerodynamics dictates it and so has our government-so fault them for being a leader? It can be lonely at the top I guess! Well doen Toyota production systems-you changed the world for the better-it’s the most American made too FYI!

  • MJS

    I have had two Camry’s. I bought a Sonata in December 2011. I am going to sell it and go back to Camry. The Sonata may have a nice new look, but it does not compare to the technology and drive of a Camry. It jus is not on the same level, and the problem with the steering makes driving tiring. Can’t wait to get rid of it.

  • Leo

    Considering buying a 2013 Camry. We had a 1989 Camry that got 38-40 MPG on the highway. That was in 1989, and now they can’t get that kind of mileage. I think it was the fuel-injecting system they had then. Like the new Honda looks better. Wish all cars would go back to rounded fenders and bumpers you could use to push with.

  • Don

    I’ve owned an 04 camry now for 8.5 years, it has the 3.5 avalon engine, it get’s 30.1 mpg highway, is faster than most small V-8 trucks, has way over 100,000 miles on it, has only needed 1, 4-wheel alignment, HAS NEVER NEEDED A REPAIR, how many nissan, chevy, fords, etc. can say that? I didn’t buy it for looks, I bought it because my former camry now has nearly 400,000 miles on it. Instead on making car payments every month for the rest of my life, I had rather tie up my money up HD home theater, bass boat, drag car, swimming pool, Harley Davidson, 4-wheeler, gun collection, etc. Driving these Japenese cars since 1980 has allowed the above to be in my possession. Thanks Toyota, keep up the good work.

  • Jan P. Venturoso

    I think Toyota is the best car manufacturer for me. My first car when I was on my first duty station in Honolulu Hawaii in 1981 was a Toyota Tercel. It helped both my wife and I how to drive and get our drivers license as well. We’ve had it for a long time for almost 12 years until we’ve sold it. We never had any major problem with it besides replacing the distributor cap. Until now we own three Toyotas, a 4 Runner which my wife is driving, an old Camry, 1991 which my son is driving, and a 2005 Corolla for my daughter. We never have any problems with them as long as we change oil and oil filter regularly. For all the folks who works on this great cars more power to you and I’m hoping to get a 2013 Toyota Avalon if I’ll have the money or maybe the Great Toyota Company will give it to me (dreaming…). I also watch NASCAR for which I root for the Team Toyota’s like Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Brian Vickers, Joey Logano and more…These guys are the underdogs but Toyota’s making a name among racing cars…Toyota Racing Development…HOOYAH…Say regards to Mr. Toyoda for me…Signing out from your #1 fan in the world…Jan

  • Joe

    Can you please change the taillights on the Camry? They are so ugly. I would love to buy a Camry but not with those tail lights. What happened to rectangle tail lights?

  • Mike

    I am very disappointed with the colors. Not only Toyota but other makes too. Very limited to interior colors also. Black is very unpopular color for the hot summers in the Southwest.

  • Harlan

    Bought a 2013 Camry LE after my 2005 SE was totaled in an accident in which we were T-boned by a truck running a stop sign at 55 MPH. We are alive today because of the fine engineering of this car. I have heard similar stories from others who have walked away from serious collisions. It can really take a punch and distributes the impact to keep the passengers as safe as possible. My new black Camry with gray interior has classic lines and is a pleasure to drive. They have removed the trunk lock for security and changed the backseat releases to be accessible only from the trunk. The brand keeps its value, has little maintenance issues and is reliable. With the new synthetic oil, I won’t need an oil change until 10,000 miles and the warrantee on the tires is 6-years or 60,000 miles. For these reasons and for price-value, I continue to invest in this product.

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